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Connor and Xmas 2004185 viewsConnor standing by the family christmas tree. Yes, most of those presents are his and he's mighty happy about it.
Blackfathom Deeps 01/03/05199 viewsZamrin, Twen, Kitki, Docosamien, and Twen's raptor friend Hisi take on the depths of Blackfathom. Here they're taking a much needed rest after several battles won (sort of.. hehe) in this very chamber. Neat statue too! ;P
Noggenfogger Frosty221 viewsWARNING: Drinking Noggenfogger with egg nog may result in undesirable effects.
Lazy Tiger81 viewsCute Lazy Tiger!
Trees of Ered Luin99 viewsAgain, another night time shot. Hunting the wooded hills of Ered Luin.
Kyrian138 viewsKyrian of Lindon ... (or is it Rivendell? Can't remember which version this is :P), in the Dwarven crafting town of Goromond.
Mountains of the North Downs169 viewsA small fellowship, light on experience and heavy on derring-do, hike up to the mountain barriers between North Downs and Angmar
Fields of the Shire175 viewsNo where with a name but a grand place for a picnic

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80 viewsMay 07, 2010
Sparring Storeroom Stables54 viewsForeground, left to right: Valdir Carver, Vonne, Raven Darkwater, Elrond.
Background, left to right: Lurik, Nightfall, Sypyguy.
Loft, left to right: Axiom D'Rune, Cobalt, Lady Gray.
Jan 20, 2009
Que's Tavern64 viewsLeft to right: Jyrthan Vingaard, Hodur Blindaguden, Slayne Barrag, Thalianshadara, Yale Mistraven, Anatoly Kryczech, Raina, Robin Solic, Swanic Ultrakryp, Ruden Solic, Alyssia Kanath, Quej, Puck Rembrandt, Kyrian Koven.Jan 20, 2009
Spiritwood Forest61 viewsForeground: Kvasir Silverwyn.
Campfire, left to right: Jerec Kanath, Vincent Kanath, Sybeus, Spellsinger, Hawkwind.
Background, left to right: Tynnian Silverleaf, Rand Dunthers.
Jan 20, 2009
Lonely road in the Lone Lands153 viewsSomewhere down this road is Rivendell... the Lonely Mountain even, maybeNov 18, 2007
Budgeford on Bywater166 viewsDusk and dawn are my favoritesNov 18, 2007
A tributary of the Brandywine264 viewsAnother early shot with new graphics. My eye keeps getting drawn in by the bear on the left with the dramatically long shadow.Nov 18, 2007
Crickhollow195 viewsEarly shot in the Shire with the new graphics settings: Individual leaf shadows!Nov 18, 2007